Omegas Stepbrother (Men of Meadowfall #3)

Omegas Stepbrother (Men of Meadowfall #3)


Kindle Edition, Pages: 421

Genres: Romance, M M Romance

Language: English

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Omegas Stepbrother (Men of Meadowfall book 3)
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Beaten and lied to by his previous alpha, Wyatt Fleming has been recovering from his past: by running his own restaurant, and being the best dad to his daughter, Hazel. No one knows his deepest secret: Nine years ago, he kissed his alpha stepbrother in the familys piano room.

Raph has never forgotten that kiss. Not when Wyatt had looked at him, wide-eyed and beautiful. Nine years ago, their grandmother caught him kissing Wyatt. Wyatt had fled, entangled himself in an abusive relationship. By not rescuing him, Raph had helped ruin his brothers life.

Saddled with guilt, Raph wishes he had fewer regrets: he shouldve stood up to Grandma, shouldve gotten himself out of debt, and stayed with the one omega he could never let go.

When their father throws a party, Raph finds Wyatt in heat. Their simmering embers kindle into a roaring flame; after a steamy night together, Wyatt discovers that hes pregnant. Raph refuses to fail his omega again. Wyatt refuses to abandon his innocent child. As their relationship intensifies, both men face the very real danger... of their family and pasts coming to pull them apart.

Omegas Step Brother is a 97,000-word alpha/omega nonshifter MPreg romance, with a hilariously adorable 9-year-old, some angst, lots of food, and an alpha who has loved his omega for the longest time.

Warning: This book contains references to past domestic/emotional abuse. Full list of warnings available on the Look Inside. If those are your triggers, please exercise caution when reading!

  •    Gakasa Ciapinni
    Ralph and Wyatt find love and commitment. Well written with great character development and lots of great plot. This is an intense story of overcoming lots of societal pressure and expectations. Ralph and Wyatt were truly bond-mates and Alpha and Omega, but because of being step-brothers they were not expected to love each other as partners.

    Ralph and Wyatt are such a great match and love each other so much. It was heartwarming to see their bond grow and to see both men develop as individuals. Learning to stand together was challenging for these two, but once they figured out that it was truly okay to be together, they were awesome.

    There was poet justice for the evil grandmother who i thought had a most fitting experience toward the end of the book.

    I received an ARC at no cost from the author

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